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Don't let a sniffle turn into a business flu!

Updated: Mar 5, 2020

It is no secret the hype around Corona virus is having a far greater impact on business than we would have hoped.

It seems people aren't the only one catching the flu, some businesses are too.

Most at risk are importers and exporters, with many importers finding it tough to get access to stock from overseas or many local exporters to send their goods to overseas markets.

Also at risk are businesses linked to tourism, such as local tour operators, vendors and local travel agents.

If you fall into one of these categories now may be the right time to make sure you have access to working capital to help fund the cash gaps in your business that this can create.... Before you need it!

A standby line of credit may be the right way for you to make sure you can trade through the next month or so without impacting your staff, contractors, ATO or your creditors.

The advantage of a line of credit is you only pay for what you use, so if you manage to trade through without having to draw on the funds then all the better. But being prepared now by getting access to a line of credit before you need it is a good move, as when it is urgent can be a lot harder path to approval.

For more information to see if this is a solution is for you, register via the contact us page or if you are ready to get a facility in place now hit the "Apply Now" at the top of the page and we can match you with the right lender.

EZ application. Fast Approval and Backed by Professional brokers

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